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Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going, and why”. – Eddie Cantor (1892-1964) Yoga Monaco Yoga Monaco

Welcome to my website. I offer personalised YOGA programs available for  all levels and ages.

Yoga is a  beautiful practice for healing and growth. I teach from the heart and have been blessed to have had wonderful teachers and guides along my path.

In Yoga we create the union of breathe and movement to encourage a flexible body and calm mind connected to the present. I bring a down-to earth & playful spirit into my teachings. My classes may include Pranayama, Meditation, Music and Mantras. Yoga Monaco Yoga Monaco Yoga Monaco

With body and breath aligned, we remember to align with our own hearts, on and off the mat.

You are offered the benefits of a PERSONALISED YOGA PROGRAM at your office, home or hotel .

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Yoga philosophy (Yamas) to purify our human nature.

Yoga offers us five moral principles known as the Yamas, to help guide our actions. Through these principles, the Yamas can teach you valuable lessons about how to be more conscious of your body in a positive way, and more conscious of the world in general. The yamas are broken down into  five “wise characteristics.” […]

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14 Dec
Booty Barre

The Booty Barre workout was developed by Tracey Mallet, a former professional dancer. A sexy, energetic, fun workout that fuses fitness techniques from Dance, Pilates, and Yoga that will tone, define and chisel the whole body. Contrary to what the derriere-centric name may suggest, it’s actually designed to work all areas of the body, from […]

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25 Oct
Third Eye Chakra: Tap into your intuition

Third Eye Chakra (by Maya Fiennes) The sixth Chakra is right between our eyebrows, the place we often focus on when closing our eyes for meditation. It’s the third eye, the eye that sees inwards. Physically, it is connected with the pituitary gland, which releases serotonin – the neurotransmitter most responsable for our mood (people […]

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9 Apr
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''Do your practice and all is coming'' -Sri K Patthabi Jois

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